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  • “Addressing the Aftermath of Suicide: Why We Need Postvention”
    Matthew D. Erlich, MD, for the GAP Committee on Psychopathology
    (Psychiatric Times, September 9, 2016)
    Dr. Erlich briefly reviews the literature on postvention efforts. The article considers the effects on the victim’s caregivers – especially the behavioral health providers who care for a patient who commits suicide. It also provides current resources to help manage survivors’ and caregivers’ emotions and dread.
    Click here to read the full article.

LOSS Teams in the U.S. and Abroad
A map and directory of the 41 active LOSS teams in 15 states and 5 international locations; as well as 15-24 sites in various stages of planning/preparation.

Click here or on the graphic at the left to see the map and directory.

This map and information on LOSS Teams was compiled by Dr. John McIntosh in the Autumn of 2018. Please help to keep it as up-to-date as possible by sending current information to LOSSteamsMap@lossteam.com.

Podcasts/Radio Programs
  • April Skye, 99.7 Radio in Visalia, California (broadcast on June 17, 2018)
    April Skye and Noah Whitaker of the Tulare Kings County Suicide Prevention Task Force discuss Suicide Prevention, share resources and how you can understand how to help a friend or loved one.
    Click here to listen.
  • “WRKF Morning Edition with Frank Barnett” September 2, 2014
    Dr. Campbell talks about the suicide of Actor/Comedian Robin Williams, the shocking suicide statistics in the country, and how you can help.
    Click here to listen to the podcast. (You will need to scroll down the page for the “Listen” link.)
  • “Inner Monologue” Episode 100
    This episode features host Tom Brown’s conversation with Dr. Campbell about his work. Frank shares about the different classifications of those who experience suicide. He talks about his passion for helping Suicide Loss Survivors in their Trauma Recovery and what inspired him to create L.O.S.S. They discuss the origins of taboo that surround suicide, how contemporary society is working to break that taboo and the importance of understanding and accepting paradox.
    Please note: The podcast begins with conversation between Tom Brown and his co-host Sharon Stelluto. There is some profanity and well as talk about astrology, which may be concerning to some listeners. The conversation with Dr. Campbell begins at the 20 minute mark, if you wish to avoid the opening cross-talk.
    Click here to listen to the podcast.
  • “The Gifted Life” Episode 24
    Episode 24 of The Gifted Life podcast launches with a focus on quality performance in organ and tissue recovery. Joey and Lori welcome guest, Dean Kappel, CEO at Mid-America Transplant Services. Dean talks about MTS and the organization’s journey to earning the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Family Support expert, Sally Gentry, concludes the three-part series on suicide as she welcomes Dr. Frank Campbell to have a discussion about post-vention and reaching out to people affected by a suicide. He talks about the LOSSteam and how they can make an incredible impact for a family that is coping with suicide. Our hosts honor hero Connor Marcel and answer a listener’s question. A all that and more in episode 24 of The Gifted Life. (February 19, 2016)
    Click here for The Gifted Life website or click here for podcast player.
  • “Thrive and Connect: Suicide Survivors” with Dr. Frank Campbell
    Dr. Campbell describes how the LOSS team was created to provide support (postvention) for those left behind after someone completes suicide. (September 27, 2015)
    Click to listen.

  • Survivors of Suicide Loss Curriculum developed by John L. McIntosh, Ph.D. & Richard W. Hubbard, Ph.D.(Indiana University South Bend). Original development of this curriculum was made possible by a grant from The Retirement Research Foundation, Chicago, IL. This curriculum may be used for educational and training purposes. It may not be reprinted or used in any published form without permission of the authors. CLICK HERE to download the latest revision (November, 2015)

  • Devastating Losses: How Parents Cope with the Death of a Child to Suicide or Drugs
    William Feigelman, Ph.D.; John Jordan, Ph.D.; John McIntosh, Ph.D.; Beverly Feigelman, LCSW
    Foreward by Dr. Frank Campbell
    Click for more details and ordering information.

  • Routledge International Handbook of Clinical Suicide Research
    Edited by John R. Cutcliffe, José Santos, Paul S. Links, Juveria Zaheer, Henry G. Harder, Frank Campbell, Rod McCormick, Kari Harder, Yvonne Bergmans, Rahel Eynan
    Click for more details and ordering information.

Help in Crisis
The LOSSTeam website is not intended to provide help in a crisis. If you are feeling suicidal or need help for yourself or someone you know, please consult IASP's Suicide Prevention Resources to find a crisis center anywhere in the world. In the US, call toll-free 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for free suicide prevention service or visit SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

You can use the IASP website to find resources world-wide: www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

Local Outreach Services
ACTS Helpline

U.S.A. -- The ACTS Helpline program is the only 24/7/365 crisis hotline serving the citizens of Prince William County, and those of Manassas City and Manassas Park. It provides crisis intervention for suicide, and well as community training in suicide prevention / intervention / postvention. Trainers are certified in ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), Safe TALK, Suicide TALK, and QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer).

Website: actspwc.org/acts-programs/helpline/

ARBOR (Active Response Bereavement Outreach)
Australia -- ARBOR stands for Active Response Bereavement Outreach. It offers short-medium term counselling, referral, volunteer peer support and support groups to people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

ARBOR Counselling is held at various locations. Initial sessions can be held at clients’ homes. ARBOR’s grief counsellors are professionals with tertiary qualifications. They can provide professional support and strategies for managing grief. ARBOR also offers support groups around the metro area. Clients may be referred to other Anglicare WA services.

Website: www.arborsupport.org.au/

Front Porch Coalition
Front Porch Coaltions
U.S.A. -- Front Porch Coaltion is a grassroots, community-based organization working to prevent the incidence of suicide and to provide support to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Serving the Rapid City (South Dakota) and immediate surrounding Black Hills area.

Website: frontporchcoalition.org

Imagine Family Recovery
Imagine Family Recovery
U.S.A. -- Imagine Family Recovery LLC compassionately guides families who are tortured by grief and/or the substance use of a loved one, to a healing space within their own individual journeys. Imagine Family Recovery was founded by Don Lipstein, CBFRLC, ICFACC in 2020, after after extensive research and education from BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror).

Website: ImagineFamilyRecovery.net

LOSS Community Services
LOSS Community Services
U.S.A. -- LOSS Community Services provides suicide grief support in and around Franklin County, Ohio. Programs include: Survivor Companion Program, Events (such as Remembrance events and International Survivor Day), Education and First Responder Program.

Website: LOSScs.org

LOSS Team of Greater Tarrant County (Texas)
LOSS Team of Tarrant County
U.S.A. -- LOSS Team is a joint effort of Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County and local police departments providing local outreach to suicide survivors.

The LOSS Team mobile number is 682-263-LOSS.

Website: MHAtc.org

LOSS Team of Tom Green County (Texas)
LOSS Team of Tom Green County
U.S.A. -- A collaboration of mental health resources as Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors in the Concho Valley (Texas).

Website: LOSS Team of Tom Green County

Nebraska LOSS Team
Nebraska LOSS Team
U.S.A. -- The Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team consists of trained survivor and mental health professionals acting as volunteers to bring immediate support to survivors of suicide. Suicide survivors are those persons who have had a loved one complete a suicide and are at risk due to their emotional response, which may include the use of unhealthy coping strategies or attempting suicide themselves.

Website: http://nelossteam.unl.edu

Suicide Bereavement UK
Suicide Bereavement UK
U.K. -- Suicide Bereavement UK specialise in the following:
  • Suicide bereavement research;
  • Providing consultancy on postvention (care of those bereaved by suicide); and
  • Developing and delivering evidence-based suicide bereavement training
Website: www.suicidebereavementuk.com

Suicide Bereavement: Dr. Sharon McDonnell’s Blog
Suicide Bereavement Blog
U.K. -- Dr. Sharon McDonnell at the Centre for Mental Health and Risk at the University of Manchester in the UK writes this blog:
  • To help enable others to understand and not fear coming into contact with those bereaved by suicide;
  • To describe her experiences whilst conducting her Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to Australia and New Zealand and to learn how they care for those bereaved by suicide;
  • To talk about the research and training she currently conducting; and
  • To update you on her progress leading an initiative to develop a suicide bereavement research unit in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health and Risk at the University of Manchester and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.
Website: www.suicide-bereavement.co.uk/

Tulare & Kings Counties Suicide Prevention Task Force
Suicide Bereavement Blog
U.S. -- Our Mission: A community without suicide. Accomplish this by implementing a full range of strategies, starting from prevention and early intervention, which will be provided to all at-risk Tulare County residents with targeted programs addressing population specific needs. Communities need prevention services to promote health and address problems long before they become acute, to effectively reduce suicides and suicidal behavior. Communities need a coordinated system of services to effectively respond to crisis situations.

Website: www.facebook.com/HOPE.SPTF/

Other Resources

U.S.A. -- LivingWorks is the suicide intervention training company. Based upon current knowledge, they believe suicide intervention should be a major part of every community’s suicide prevention strategy. A one-on-one relationship between a person at risk and a competent helper represents a unique opportunity of effecting a lifesaving or life-altering change. LivingWorks trains community helpers of all kinds to work in this intervention context.

Website: www.LivingWorks.net

Nebraska Youth Suicide Prevention Partnership

U.S.A. -- The NEBRASKA YOUTH SUICIDE PREVENTION PARTNERSHIP website has an archive of all of their past webinars with both the events' audio and the presenters' PowerPoints. Topics covered include postvention, clergy/church and suicide, youth issues and suicide, and military and suicide.

Website: http://youthsuicideprevention.nebraska.edu/index.php

Suicide Loss Foundation
Suicide Loss Foundation
U.S.A. -- Locally, nationally and internationally, Suicide Loss Foundation will be a vocal advocate for survivors of suicide loss. Our plan is to connect survivors of suicide loss with the financial, emotional, or social resources you need to heal. Once we raise the support we need, we can begin providing resources to survivors.

Website: http://www.suicideloss.org/

Suicide: Finding Hope

U.S.A. -- SUICIDE: FINDING HOPE seeks to help you navigate the journey after suicide which is often lonely and confusing. In addition to a wealth of about suicide, mental illness, and coping with suicide loss, the site allows users to leave comments and so provides a place to connect with others who not only want to understand suicide but find hope in the face of loss. It is a peaceful and beautiful place to help you find your serenity along your journey.

Website: www.SuicideFindingHope.com

Contemplation & Inspiration
Gravity Glue

U.S.A. -- Gravity Glue shares stunning photographs of Michael Grab’s experience in the art of stone balance. . . All Gravity Glue images and videos exhibit real rocks that he has balanced and photographed himself. “The process boils down to contemplative stone arrangement; involving patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a plethora of other practiced skills.”

Website: www.GravityGlue.com

Please note: the LOSSTeam website is not intended to provide help in a crisis. If you are feeling suicidal or need help for yourself or someone you know, please consult IASP's Suicide Prevention Resources to find a crisis center anywhere in the world. In the US, call toll-free 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a free suicide prevention service or visit SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

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